Lake Powell 2008

My family takes an annual trip to Lake Powell. We have been taking this trip since I was a kid and I look forward to it every summer. This year there were 7 boats and ~40 people. This trip is sacred and each year we leave with more friends and more hilarious stories than you can imagine. Our 1st motto is: "the more the merrier," but don't act a fool or you could very well find yourself "voted off the island." Our 2nd motto is: "what happens in Lake Powell, stays in Lake Powell," and for those of you who have been on the trip know why motto #2 is what it is!

Each year we stay in Page, AZ and each year we eat at our favorite restaurants. A new fave is Ken's Steak House. It's a great little place with a great little band. This year they invited my brother up on stage to play the guitar with them for a jam session. My brother followed along to their tune and played like a Rock Star. He was amazing and so fun to watch. I think our Lake Powell group was pretty amazed at how well he plays. I was such a proud sister that night!

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