This months Bunco party was extra special. With the date so close to Halloween - why not dress up? Marissa & Heather hosted our Halloween Bunco Party in a really cool barn. When I first heard we would be playing in a barn, I was thinking we would be sitting on hay bales, rolling dice next to cows and sheep. Not so. This barn was more like special venue with a slight barn motif - it was such a neat building. I would have taken more pictures of it but it was huge (and it was pitch black outside).
Everyones costumes were great - pregnant rocker chick, Mrs. Peacock, vampires, witches and a whoopee cushion, just to name a few. Ashley and I had been planning our costume for quite some time. After Halloween last year, I came up with the idea of going as dice (bunco...dice game...get it?). So I could not wait for Halloween this year to make our costumes. Ashley and I were black dice with pink dots and although our dice did not show a bunco when we stood together, we still looked pretty cool.
Marissa & Heather, fabulous job!


The Big Move

I am filled with so many emotions as I write this post. This past month has been a whirlwind of excitement, anticipation, hoping & wishing, and true happiness.

Excitement: for my mom, who after many years of searching finally found exactly what she was looking for

Anticipation: the time and stress it took for everything to finally come together

Hoping & Wishing: fingers crossed that everything fell into place

True Happiness: for my parents who deserve this!

Just recently, my parents sold their home of 34 years and purchased a new house. 34 Years! I can hardly believe it. It was the first home they bought right after they were married, it's the home they've raised both my brother and me in until we were grown and gone. It's the cutest house on the street and the new owners are the luckiest people to have such a well lived in, well loved, and well cared for home.

I have so many amazing memories of our Bryan Avenue house. When I think back to when I was young, I think to myself..."I must have had the best childhood ever." My neighborhood was full of kids mine and my brothers age and we played & played until my mom would whistle from the front porch letting us know it was time to come home. We had clubs and forts and nicknames for everyone. We were the Bryan Avenue Bulldogs (or at least that's what we called ourselves). I had amazing neighbors, many of whom are still close friends to this day. My next door neighbors raised me like a grandchild and I am forever indebted to them. Even my cute friend, Katherine, who I grew up with, sent me a list of fun memories she had of the two of us in my house (thanks kath).

This week was a little sad for me as everything has been moved out and the house is sitting empty waiting for it's new owners. I walked around from room to room yesterday wanting to look in all the closets and all of the drawers- not to forget one nook or cranny. I'm a little surprised at how emotional I've been this week thinking about the Bryan Avenue house. I guess it never dawned on me I might not ever walk through the front door again.

Although I'm sad to see my childhood house sold, I'm really happy for my parents who bought an amazing house. Their new house is in Holladay and it's beautiful. It's on a really neat street right next to Wheeler Farm. They are excited about the move and their new house and I am just as excited for them. They deserve it!



Who'd a thought???

Here's what 5-0 looks like in our house.

(The socks are throwbacks to celebrate the AFLs 50th anniversary. Believe it or not, those are the original Denver colors from 1960.)

Mile High Magic

Last weekend, Cardy and I took a little road trip to Denver to see the Broncos play the Cowboys. Our friends Devon & Caroline drove with us and my friend, Jessica, flew in from California for the game. Cardy and I were the only Broncos fans of the group but it's not very often these two teams play each other so we couldn't pass up an opportunity to all route for our favorite teams under one roof...(okay, there's no roof on the stadium, but you catch my drift).
Our weekend started out with an 8 hour drive to Denver. I do not like road trips, I repeat: I do not like road trips. However, I must admit, this drive is slightly better than the one to Reno. The most noteworthy event of the drive was getting pounded with bales of hay in Rock Springs when some D-bag farmer took a right hand turn too quickly. Only in Rock Springs.

Once in Denver, we stayed in a fun area called Cherry Creek. Lots of shopping, good restaurants, & Shot Gun Willies...what more could we ask for?

On game day, we all rode the train to the stadium and made it with plenty of time to gawk at all the tailgaters and other crazy fans. I was amazed at how many Cowboys fans were attending the game. On the way in, Jess and Caroline had their faces painted to show their true team spirit. Cardy and I were already decked in full Broncos paraphernalia, Bronco head and all. Cute Jessica made us a Broncos logo fleece blanket and had carried it on the plane from Cali. She's a great friend (even though she is a Cowboy's fan). The weather was perfect for football, the planets must have been aligned and I think that God must be a Broncos fan this year because in the end (and it came down to the very end) WE WON! Totally unexpected for our team this year. 4-0. I was hoping and praying the entire way down that we could somehow pull it off because I know how disappointed Cardy would've been had we lost while we were in attendance. It would've made for a miserable ride home.
Oh wait...we did have a miserable ride home. No, it wasn't listening to Devon sobbing from the back seat but rather the fog/freezing rain/snow/black ice we hit just 1 hour out side of Denver. Our nice, sweet little 8 hour jaunt quickly turned into a 13 and a half hour ride home. Cardy was such a trooper, driving 95% of the way, all through the night. Next year...we fly. Despite the long drive to and from, we had an amazing time, the Broncos win was just the cherry on top.


We're leaving for Denver tomorrow. The Broncos are playing the Cowboys and we must see it in all its glory. Mile High...here we come!