The new plan

Fine. I'll admit it. I'm just now realizing that I can't do it all. What? Could this be true? I'm not some super woman with amazing abilities and unlimited hours in the day? For my personal sanity, and my husband's, I've come to realize I don't want this persona, I want to have a good life balance.

I've done a lot of thinking since my last post and I decided I need to make some changes to help with the new balance I desire. Here's my plan:

1. Eliminate 1 of the 3 current jobs. By my own elimination criteria, I've decided which of the three it will be, it's not official so I'm not sharing yet but you'll soon find out. I love all my jobs and I'm lucky that in such a crappy economy I have jobs coming out of my ears. The down side to having too many jobs is I feel like I'm devoting all of my free time to working. I can't wait to have my evenings free and more weekends to enjoy.

2. Spend 30 minutes each weekday completing a task or two around the house. Whether it's dusting, cleaning out a drawer or throwing in a load of laundry or two, I want to accomplish more throughout the week instead of waiting for it to pile up and overwhelm myself with what seems like hours of cleaning. This way I can feel like I'm keeping on top of my house work and I can still make time to cook and relax with Cardy for the rest of the night.

3. Relax. When Cardy asks me to sit with him on the couch and watch TV for a bit, I'm not going to throw a tantrum and ask him if he knows just how dirty our bathrooms are. I need to make a huge effort to show him know he's far more important than my dusty tables.

I'm trying to be reasonable and rational in my new plan and for now, it seems doable. It's definitely a plan I can stick to.


Thoughts for today...

When I get home tonight (that is, if I don't have to work at Pottery Barn) I want to walk in the door and blink my eyes and have this happen:
-magically clean bathrooms
-clean, folded and put away laundry
-mopped and glimmering kitchen floor
-vacuumed carpets
-oh, and a clean car would be nice

So that I'm not:
-all of the above

Why do I let household chores stress me out? How come I can't come home and relax like my husband begs and pleads? Why do I think it's not okay to veg on my couch and watch TV all night with take out and a glass of wine? Poor Cardy, he gets the brunt of my craziness (sorry, Baby). Can you imagine if I had real stress in my life?


"Shampoo is better- I go on first and clean the hair..."

Do you want to know the most amazing hair product ever? Dry Shampoo! It's the absolute best and a huge life saver.  I don't typically advertise what I'm about to say and I'm only saying it because I love my dry shampoo so much but with this amazing little invention I've been washing my hair only once (maybe twice a week).

The best brand I've found is called Batiste. I buy it at Got Beauty in Salt Lake but I've heard it can be found at Sally's. It's about $10 a bottle but totally worth it. My hair tends to get a little greasy, my bangs especially and around my hair line. I used to wash my hair every other day and then a few years back I started using a little baby powder to help absorb some of the greasiness (what can I say, I'm lazy in the mornings). It helped and I was able to extend my hair washing another day or so but too much baby powder and my hair looked gray and ashy. I'm not sure who introduced me to dry shampoo but I'm sure thankful! The manager at Got Beauty recommended the Batiste brand above others they sell and said most of the stylists in the salon used it. It is definitely my favorite of the few I've tried. I used TIGI Rockaholic and the new dry shampoo by Tresseme. Both were fine but I think the Batiste still does the best job and it comes in a few different fragrances as well. My favorite is the Tropical but I want to try the new Diva scent.

I cannot tell you how much less stressful my mornings are with not having to wash, blow-dry and straighten my hair constantly. I know to some people it sounds gross but honestly- most people don't even know when it's been 4 or 5 days. Believe me, I have my hair issues and by the end of the week, I'm sporting a bun or a ponytail but at least I don't have greasy, smelly hair. Oh yeah, and to keep my hair from getting wet in the shower, I just pull my hair up in a bun and cover my head with a shower cap.

If you're a wash your hair everyday or even every other day kinda girl, think about trying a dry shampoo, I promise, it's worth it!


Burgers and Pork Chops and Nuggets, oh no!

That's right, I'm not eating meat for 40 days. Lent is here and as I have in the past, I am giving up something I enjoy until Easter. I'm giving up meat but will still be eating fish and shellfish and dairy. I was telling a co-worker about it today and she exclaimed this is not vegetarianism. fine. To be clear...I will forgo the following: red meat, pork (all pork products) and chicken. To be technical, this style of diet is called Pescetarianism.

When I mentioned my soon to be meatless diet to Cardy, his first reaction was, "What am I going to do?" Well, I'm the cook so you'll pretty much be doing whatever I'm doing.

I'm extremely hesitant and a little worried about this challenge. Of course I felt this way last year when I gave up sugar and the year before when I gave up carbonation. Notice a trend here? Sugar, carbonation, and meat- all food related. Oh well. I'm not very prepared to for this diet change and I'm getting ready to go to Orlando this weekend where some of my meals will be provided- hopefully they will offer a pescetarian option.

So tonight I'm still trying to decide what my last meaty meal will be before I delve into the world of meat free living. In & Out? Crown Burger? Ruby River?

Please feel free to send me vegetarian or seafood related recipes. I'm excited to try some new things in my kitchen. Unfortunately...I don't like shrimp.

Okay, so Cardy suggested SmashBurger tonight. I love SmashBurger but the funny thing is- I never order the burger. In fact, I never, ever order burgers at any restaurant. I always get the grilled chicken sandwich or a salad. I also love the fact that SmashBurger offers wheat buns- bonus points! Tonight I thought what the hell...I'm getting a burger. I'm giving up meat tomorrow so why not go out with a big, juicy BANG!

It was really good and I'm glad I ordered something out of the norm for me. Although, I am feeling a little more full than I typically like.

(Delicious burger. Sorry for my gross bangs.)

P.S. I went out with some girlfriends last night and ordered fish tacos. Fish tacos? What the hell? These are some of my best pescetarianism choices for the next 6 weeks - why start early? I should've had a steak. Dang it!

I'm not (blog) worthy.

Well, especially if you compare me to the Queen of all bloggers - The Pioneer Woman.

Last month she was in town on a book tour for her newly published, Black Heels & Tractor Wheels. She was at the downtown library and I couldn't wait to stand in line to meet her. My girlfriend, Caroline, is also a huge fan so she was totally on board when I called her with the news. I don't pretend to be an amazing blogger. I'm pretty much a beginner in the whole giant blogging world but I do enjoy it and I think sharing my stories and pictures with my friends and family (or whoever else may be reading) is cool. The PW inspires me and she has some pretty awesome recipes. I love her photography and her humor. In person, she talks exactly how she writes.

She was a doll and she allowed the audience to ask her any questions imaginable. Some asked about her family, others asked recipe questions and one lady even requested more pictures of the Marlboro Man's back side (The PW's husband).

Caroline and I didn't have to stand in line too long (thanks to Caroline's ability to get us tickets as soon as they were available). I forgot my camera that day so Caroline was kind enough to take our picture. She took others with the three of us but I can't seem to find them.

After the book signing, Caroline and I went to Eva's for dinner. If you haven't been - Go! Now! I highly recommend it (albeit, it's very small and a little noisy but the food is fresh and totally amazing).