Busy, busy, busy

Hi All.
I hate that I haven't posted anything lately. This has been a busy summer and time seems to get away from me, especially at night which is when I typically blog. Here's what we've been up to lately - I'll explain more in detail in a few posts to come:
- New job. No, I didn't switch careers, I just added another job to the other two I currently have. Crazy? Probably.

-Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys - Tickets are on their way. Mile High, here we come!

- NY FunkExchange, Feel Good Patrol and Erin Barra concert @ Urban Lounge

- Attending the Twilight Concert Series, Farmer's Market, Art's Festivals and other summer time activities

-Farmtown. (dorky, I know) It's a total time suck but I'm addicted. Cardy is out of him mind in disbelief that I can be spending so much time playing "a video game." I like to call it a Facebook application.

-Cooking, cooking, and more cooking. New diets and lifestyle changes = new & healthy recipes.

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  1. Glad to finally see an update, unfortunately I already now about quite a few of your "updates" through your mom.

    See ya on the farm.


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