It's Game Time

Our fantasy football draft 2009 just happened. 9 guys & me. I actually feel pretty honored and proud they all consider me knowledgeable and legit enough to play in the big leagues (or maybe it's because I feed them really good food on Draft Day?). I'm excited about my team this year, I think I'm competitive. I'm playing Cardy for week 1 - we're calling it Godina Bowl 2K9.

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  1. My condolences in the results of Godina Bowl. I hope Cardy sees the irony in his favorite QB blowing enough chucks to gift wrap a win for him.

    But yes, you know your stuff as noted by taking Carlson as your TE (F***************K!). I maintain you had one of the top drafts this year.

    Oh, and GO SPANIARDS!


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