The Big Move

I am filled with so many emotions as I write this post. This past month has been a whirlwind of excitement, anticipation, hoping & wishing, and true happiness.

Excitement: for my mom, who after many years of searching finally found exactly what she was looking for

Anticipation: the time and stress it took for everything to finally come together

Hoping & Wishing: fingers crossed that everything fell into place

True Happiness: for my parents who deserve this!

Just recently, my parents sold their home of 34 years and purchased a new house. 34 Years! I can hardly believe it. It was the first home they bought right after they were married, it's the home they've raised both my brother and me in until we were grown and gone. It's the cutest house on the street and the new owners are the luckiest people to have such a well lived in, well loved, and well cared for home.

I have so many amazing memories of our Bryan Avenue house. When I think back to when I was young, I think to myself..."I must have had the best childhood ever." My neighborhood was full of kids mine and my brothers age and we played & played until my mom would whistle from the front porch letting us know it was time to come home. We had clubs and forts and nicknames for everyone. We were the Bryan Avenue Bulldogs (or at least that's what we called ourselves). I had amazing neighbors, many of whom are still close friends to this day. My next door neighbors raised me like a grandchild and I am forever indebted to them. Even my cute friend, Katherine, who I grew up with, sent me a list of fun memories she had of the two of us in my house (thanks kath).

This week was a little sad for me as everything has been moved out and the house is sitting empty waiting for it's new owners. I walked around from room to room yesterday wanting to look in all the closets and all of the drawers- not to forget one nook or cranny. I'm a little surprised at how emotional I've been this week thinking about the Bryan Avenue house. I guess it never dawned on me I might not ever walk through the front door again.

Although I'm sad to see my childhood house sold, I'm really happy for my parents who bought an amazing house. Their new house is in Holladay and it's beautiful. It's on a really neat street right next to Wheeler Farm. They are excited about the move and their new house and I am just as excited for them. They deserve it!



  1. I'm emotional just reading this post b/c I just recently went through the same thing and I didn't give it enough of a tribute like you did. At least your family is still in Utah, I have no family left there (besides Dan's fam) but now I have no childhood home and no hometown:( Sad. But I did LOVE your Bryan Avenue house and I think it's the sweetest thing that it's the same house they have had since they were married. Their new house is so beautiful. But I would feel sad too. They definitely "up-graded" in the size department. My parents down-sized from our bigger house to a smaller house. Well look at it this way Jen- they'll have more room for all the grandkids :) :)

  2. Thanks Kristi! I'm sad about the sale of the house but my mom really likes the couple who bought it and feels really good about selling it to them. It's comforting to know someone truly loves the house for what it is and all the charm that comes with a Sugarhouse home.

    The new house is definitely bigger (and theres already been a room designated as "the nursery" for when grandchildren come into the picture) but it's a great house.

  3. What a great tribute to your old house. I see your mom and dad have already been busy removing trees. I can see the dining room window now.

  4. oh, their new home is beautiful! and just a great little place right there by Wheeler Farm! how fun. change is so bittersweet! there was so much good in your bryan home, but a whole new set of memories and great times to come in their new place! ah. after i commented on your FB the other day, i sat an thought about probably a billion more funny things we did at your home! oh jenn, can i tell you how fun it is to be in touch? you are like my oldest friend - not oldest . . . but i have known you longer than i have so many of my other friends. ok, enough writing, love you, love your parent's new home and am so glad we are in touch!


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