Stick a fork in me.

So far this holiday season has started out quite marvelously. A few weeks before Thanksgiving we celebrated "Fakesgiving" dinner with several of our friends. Fakesgiving, as it's named, is the precursor to Thanksgiving and is always amongst good friends. We've been lucky enough to attend this event the last 2 years. Marcus organized the evening and we all signed up for our best dish to share.  This year John & Katie were our gracious hosts. Katie did a fabulous job seating 20+ people in her house, beautiful table settings and all. I was impressed to see how many amazing dishes were prepared by everyone. We had everything from a charcoal grilled, bacon wrapped turkey (thanks Mike & Cameron) to homemade macaroni & cheese to a pumpkin trifle. Everybody truly brought it!

Our actual Thanksgiving dinner took place at my mom & dad's (sorry, no pictures). We had fun celebrating in the new house, it makes me excited for Christmas! My mom is a great cook and I always love when she offers Thanksgiving at her house. We had a great dinner (of course) and I brought a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. After dinner, I napped (thankfully!) and then we went home and watched the Broncos...yay for a win (also thankful)!


  1. That is such a fun idea to have one with friends before thanksgiving.

  2. Wow, looks like you guys had a great feast! You are a busy girl Jen, I feel overwhelmed just reading what you are up to and a bit jealous. I miss working sometimes, but wouldn't give up being at home with my three monkeys any day. We need to get together soon, Hope you have a wonderful Holiday:)

  3. You are so cute thanks for the comment Jenn! Looks like you had a great holiday :) and holy cow you have been busy! I can barely handle my 2 jobs as a mom and doing photography... let alone 3, good for you! See ya soon!


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