Friday Five

1. It's summa, summa, summa time! Which means I'm craving my favorite treat on the daily. I heart fro-yo. I especially love all the yogurt shops that let me put my own toppings on- as much or as little as I like! I'm a tart yogurt with berries, sprinkles, granola, & chocolate chips kinda girl.

2. Hats make me Happy - I'm especially loving fedoras.

3. Game of Thrones- Season 2 finale ;(
lord tyrion, need I say more?

4. Scarves - not just for winter. I think they are so cute with a t-shirt or a tank.
It's the new summer accessory!

5. Garfunkel & Oates- my new favorite peeps!


  1. I was so glad they didn't kill off my favorite little imp! Will be fun to watch him weasel his way out of this situation next season. I was so preoccupied with Hero the cat that I feel like I missed half the episode.

    I love your little fedora - you look so cute in it. Also - every time I see someone in some mint skinny jeans it makes me think of you! I've been abstaining from skinny jeans for so many years that I'd hate to break my streak now, but just one weird-colored pair might be worth it.... maybe ;)

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