It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Not until this week did it start to feel like Christmas to me. Maybe it was the 2 day snow storm or it could have been the fact I've finally started to make a dent in my Christmas shopping or maybe it's because there are only 4 days until the BIG day? Who knows. What I do know is that I love, love, love Christmas! It's by far my favorite holiday! I decorated my house and I just love it. I'm always sad when it's time for it all to come down. Cardy and I bought a real tree and he's super cute (my tree's a he)! I love the look of Christmas lights, they're so romantic.

I feel like we have been so busy this month. Fortunately our December has been filled with lots of fun and hysterical events. A couple of our friends had what I now consider my favorite themed party: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Don't get offended...lots of women still wear these infamous sweaters (and apparently some men do too, who knew?) but to be quite honest...they're terrible. I had some good laughs in Thrift town while scouring the Christmas clothing racks. It was a riot to show up at these parties just to see what everyone else was wearing. There are some truly ugly Christmas sweaters out there.

Last week I hosted Bunco. I was excited when I was given December as my month to host. What better time to have a party than when your house is all decorated and party ready? Typically on Bunco nights the 12 of us have dinner and play Bunco but I thought for the holidays we would have a holiday party and ornament exchange instead. I made a really nice dinner and the most adorable cupcakes for the group. After dinner we exchanged ornaments using "white elephant rules." It was a lot of fun and there were so many cute ornaments for each person to take home.

We missed: Heather, Caprice, Jenny & Megan

To All My Friends: Merry Christmas!


  1. I know I missed you guys too! I heard it was really fun! And you guys all look darling in your holiday attire :) however those sweaters are SICK! That is hilarious! See ya later this month!


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