There is so much I love about Thanksgiving: time spent with my family, turkey, mashed potatoes and all the fixins, pumpkin pie, the long weekend, football...It's all of my favorite things wrapped into one amazing day that I sometimes forget it's a holiday.

I love all of the personal reflection that happens on Thanksgiving, we all can't wait to list our "thankful fors."

Here are a few of mine:
-my family. I have the best mom & dad in the world! They truly are amazing people. (Dustin- holla atcha boy! You're amazing too.)

-my husband. He is cutest, goofiest, funniest, wise crackinist, smartest person I know. Love ya baby!

-my in-laws. Who could have better in-laws? I am the luckiest wife to have married into such a wonderful family.

-my nieces & nephews. You all keep me laughing non stop. I miss my little Reno buddies.

-my friends. Don't know what I'd do without ya.

-my health. Enough said.

-my job. I'm grateful to be in a field that continues to thrive even in this bad economy.

Just a little side note...the turkey in the picture is the very first turkey I have ever cooked! His name is Tom (or should I say was???)


  1. I am THANKFUL for YOU!! Well done on the turkey... You'll have to teach me!

  2. Jenn, your Turkey looks AWESOME! Well done.


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