I ♥ Maddie

Last week my parents were in Mexico so Cardy and I got to watch Maddie. Luckily, Maddie is accustomed to our house and is very comfortable here. She loves Cardy and follows him around like his shadow. Her mornings were very tiresome due to the fact she was staying up with Cardy every night.

Maddie is such a funny dog and is quirky as hell. She does not like being left (by anyone) and throws tantrums you would not believe (I think I need to call the Dog Whisperer)! She is happiest when she's surrounded by her whole family. She loves walks but hates other dogs and she can spot them a block away (the dog park is her biggest nightmare). For some reason, she thinks she's a lap dog or a small child and if I sit cross legged on the floor she will always sit in my lap. She's extremely smart and makes me laugh constantly. It was fun to spend so much time with her, I really miss having her around.

{Maddie always rests her head on anything she can find}

{This is Maddie's favorite position to lie in}

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  1. Awww! I love her "frog leg" pose!!! Ever since Owen broke his leg he just won't do it >:(


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