Boot Dilemma

Dang gi-normous calves! I ordered some awesome riding boots online right after Christmas. I was so excited, they were on sale and the shipping was free. I ordered the black out of necessity for black boots but the brown were so cute - I decided to order both. Perfect! So far, so good. I was only going to have to wait a few weeks for these babies because they were on back order.

I've been planning outfits for weeks now thinking how cute everything was going to look with my new boots so I was super excited when they finally arrived last Wednesday. I pulled them out of their packaging and immediately went to try them on when low & behold...a zipper. ZIPPER!?! Boots with zippers never fit me & I don't remember the description of the boot ever mentioning a zipper (I double checked, it doesn't). Once on my foot, I was hoping & praying the zipper would glide right up the boot with a little room around my leg so my skinny jeans would fit perfectly. Not so much. About 3/4 of the way up my skin was pinching underneath the zipper. I tugged and pulled at the zipper and with a ridiculous amount of effort I was able to get the boot zipped all the way up. It was so frustrating. I knew I could not keep these. Not only were they super tight and I don't have 5 minutes every morning to mess with a zipper - there is no way any pants were going to tuck into these boots.

Over the years, I have sacrificed too much pain for amazingly cute shoes that didn't fit quite right that I decided these boots needed to go. As cute as they are, I cannot have another pair of uncomfortable shoes. DAMN!

Luckily, my friend, Julieanne, was online shopping with me when I ordered the boots. She really liked them and when I told her they didn't fit she wanted to try them on. They were so cute on her (and fit her nice, slender calves) so she decided to buy both pair from me. I'm happy they worked out for her and I didn't have to pay shipping to send them back but I'm really sad they didn't work out for me. DAMN!

Here they are. So cute but unfortunately not my calf size.


  1. Lame!

    I have such weird shoe issues - I think slingbacks are super cute, but I've never found a pair that either doesn't slip off or doesn't leave a blister... I think I have "Ninja Turtle Toes" and have a big gap between my big toes and the little guys, so I don't care for shoes that show toes... I must have missed out on some life lessons on how to be feminine so half the time I find really cute shoes that fit well I can hardly walk in them.

    So irritating how you found such super cute shoes and such a great deal on them only to be disappointed! I'm due for a shopping excursion next month - if you want to check out the outlets in Park City let me know!

  2. I have thoes boots, I love them they are a little tight in the calf though.

  3. Oh I am sooo with you there Jen!! Damn big ol calfs is right!! The only zippers boots i can find that fit on from JCrew.com and you get the "wide leg" Boots. I have two pairs that fit good. Sad you had to give those cute puppies up. I love that style. Here a shout out for all the big calf ladies.

  4. Thanks darling!! It was so good to see you saturday. I know syd loved seeing you too!! See ya soon!!

  5. I feel your pain! But now after seeing these shoes, I want them!

    Where did you find them at? I have the calf problem, as well as the damn size 11 foot problem..


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