Sew What?

I finally did it! I signed up for a sewing class. It's been on my bucket list forever and a New Year's resolution for the past two years.

For some reason I never took sewing in school. How I graduated from junior high & highschool without any sewing skills is beyond me. My best guess is with my other extra curricular activites I could never fit sewing class into my schedule.

I had originally checked out a couple classes at some of the local fabric stores. Most were 1 or 2 day classes that taught the very basics of sewing. While I understand you have to start with the basics, I also want to know how to make more than a pillow case or pajama pants. Luckily I found a class through Salt Lake Community Education. It's an 8 week course with a fabulously funny instructor. This class teaches the philosophies, the mechanics and the how-to's of sewing. Last Wednesday was my first night and I'm so excited. My 1st assignment is put together a sewing kit (I already have quite a bit, thanks to my Aunt Ruth) and to pick a beginner pattern. I can't wait to get started!

I'm not looking to be a contestant on Project Runway or become a master seamstress but I do want to learn and create and have fun. My thoughts are this: Sewing is a great skill to have & probably one we should all learn. Whether it's to hem a pair of pants, create a Halloween costume, piece together a baby quilt or make some new throw pillows for your couch - sewing is extremely helpful, creative and crafty.


  1. awesome jenn! i can not wait to see what you create!! ps, and that lil zoe is darling. such a cute little puppy!!glad you had the chance to blog!!!

  2. Sounds fun! Keep me posted on the class. Brandon got me a sewing machine for christmas. It took me an hour and a half to thread the bobbin and thread into the machine. lol


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