Week 2

14 days down, 26 to go. Cutting sugars out of my diet really hasn’t been as hard as I thought. Before I eliminated sugars I was so worried my choices would be limited. I’ve found my choices aren’t so much limited as they are different. I do miss the little desserts and treats I had on occasion (okay, probably more than on occasion). I really miss my tart yogurt. Other than the little things, I’m okay. I can do this.

It’s a little trickier eating out than preparing my own meals. It’s hard to know what ingredients have been added. I’ve made it a rule that if there’s no label to inspect - I can assume it must have sugar.

This week I’m feeling extremely low energy and more tired than usual. I’ve had a pretty regular sleep schedule (with the exception of the weekends which are always off for me) but I feel like I could sleep and sleep. I need a nap right now. I’d like to blame this on the lack of sugar in my brain. I’m trying to boost myself with lots of fruit and caffeine but nothing seems to be working. I also get slight headaches which I think are a combination of sugar blues and spending too much time at the computer.

Things I learned this week:
-I need to be drinking lots more water
-The sugar cravings aren’t as bad as I thought

New best friends:
-Raw almonds
-Jello Sugar-free rice pudding


  1. Those new best friends all sound amazing right now. Seriously amazing.
    I've been super exhausted this month too - it's driving me nuts! There was a two week span where I decided sleeping as much as my body was telling me that I needed would be the best thing to do - I slept 12-14 hrs almost every day and still felt tired... and I didn't accomplish a thing. I think the sunshine lately is helping a little.

    We should do Sages or Omars Living Cuisine for date night soon! I can't guarantee they don't add sugar... but I'm almost positive it would be minimal + they don't use refined sugar. I'll do some investigating :)

  2. I totally understand... I am trying a new diet called the Hallelujah Diet... so so hard! Good luck to you!



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