One Hundred

One Hundred. This is my one hundredth post. I've had this blog since July 2008 and I never, in a million years, thought I would be sitting here blogging #100. I am completely aware I have not written a single word in 5 weeks - and not for a lack of something to blog about but simply for the fact I couldn't narrow down exactly how I wanted to highlight my blogging milestone. Until now.


Seen it? The Disney/Pixar movie from last year. Well, we did not see this movie in the theater (and I'm actually glad now), instead we rented it and watched it at home on Sunday night. Oh my gosh! This movie made such an impact on me and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all week. The relationship between the cutest couple ever, Carl and Ellie, was so endearing and sweet; I couldn't help but cry (in both the beginning and the end) and think of my own relationship with Cardy. I know it sounds so funny to relate an animated story to my own life but sometimes I'm a little sappy and emotional like that.

I don't often boast about my relationship with Cardy but truthfully I'm proud of the connection we have with each other. Like Carl and Ellie, we've grown up together, been with each other for half our lives. Our dream is to grow old together and share all of our adventures with one another. As I watched Up, it reminded me that one day one of us will be without the other and just the shear thought of this made the tears stream down my cheeks. I can't imagine my life without him in it. Having the experience to share all my best memories with the man I love the most is something so special to me. Having him to listen to me, hold me, protect me, and love me means to world to me.

For me, I tend to go about my day to day life in such a comfortable fashion that sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be so in love with my husband and how I should never take our bond for granted. So thank you to Up for revitalizing my heart (even though you did give me puffy, blood-shot eyes the next day).
So, happy 100 to cardyandjenn.blogspot! I love you, Cardy and I will continue to journal our memories, adventures and the craziness of our life together.


  1. I was a bawl bag in the theaters when I watched UP with Dan and Ella.I thought whoah this is deep for a kid show. I love the message it had and I own it now. So sweet you and Cardy's relationship. You two have been together so long and are a perfect fit. Cute 100th post!

  2. I love UP... it's one of my favorites. I cried as well. It's amazing how a Disney film can do that to us!!
    Nice 100th post! You rock sister!
    PS- I'm looking into doing the 1/2 marathon in Moab in October... feeling adventurous!?


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