Dr. Swimsuit Designers,

Just because I'm a big girl does not mean I want to wear an ugly swimsuit, nor do I care for animal print.


What the hell? The swimwear I saw today that "suits my body type" looks like it was ordered from a Lands End catalogue. Why should all the cute suits with awesome prints be reserved for size 2 girls with no boobies? Guess I've got 2 choices - 1) Change my body type (by Wednesday...ummm, not going to happen) or 2) Call Land's End.


  1. Blech - tell me about it! The few that I could find that were flattering and cute were outrageously priced. I have a knack for losing/ruining swimsuits so I'm definitely not going the expensive route... so I settled for a "modest" and you nailed it - animal print ;) tankini so I wouldn't be falling out of it while I chase Will around the swimming pool this Summer. Oh the agony. Good luck finding yours!

  2. I hear ya girly! The one style I do want is crazy expensive. Seems like if I want a one piece, I end up with black b/c I haven't found a print I like. HATE swimsuit shopping! PS don't go through JCrew b/c theirs have NO support for the boobies area.


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