Gobble It Up

I love this time of year when the temperature outside has dropped and snow is on its way. Nothing is cozier to me than sweaters with leggings and my favorite Ugg boots. Halloween decorations have come down and I'm starting to get excited about the holiday season just around the corner. Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away and I cannot wait! I love this holiday!

This year we have three dinners to attend. One with friends this weekend and with both families on Thanksgiving Day. I love to cook, especially for Thanksgiving. Time to scour through recipes! Here's my assignment for each dinner:
1. Fakesgiving with friends: Sweet Potatoes
2. Thanksgiving dinner #1 with the Swans: Veggie of my choice & a dessert
3. Thanksgiving dinner #2 with the Godinas: to be determined

(not to mention- I roast my own turkey the morning of so we can have our own "leftovers")
Love it! Can't wait!

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