Where the Party AT-AT?

I know I'm a little late posting about Halloween but I definitely need to share our amazing costume and give props to Cardy for all the hard work he put into it.

This year we were trying to come up with costumes for some Halloween parties we'd been invited too. Now, we are definite lovers of this spooky holiday but every year we are the biggest procrastinators when it comes to costumes. We always have good ideas but usually end up scavenging the stores for something decent or throwing together a mish-mash of old crap we've used in previous years. So this year I wanted to be different. I wanted to put together a great couples costume we would be proud to show up to our parties in.

After lots of brainstorming and internet searching we finally came up with an idea. I don't quite remember how we came up with the idea, although I know it was Cardy's and not mine, but we decided to go ahead and try to build our Halloween costume.

Here's the whole process:

And here's the finished product:

Yep. Cardy built an AT-AT Imperial Walker. Most definitely a costume George Lucas would be proud of! It's gi-normous and it fits both of us inside. We wore it to our first Halloween party of the season and I think people's jaws dropped when we walked through the door and paraded around the house in this massive body. I'm pretty sure because we won 1st place in their costume contest. We quickly realized the AT-AT is not a costume you can keep on the entire night. It's more of a 5 minute type of attire, just enough to get some ohs and ahs. Unfortunately our 2nd party was canceled but we were not going to let our costume go to waste so we invited some friends and neighbors over to enjoy the festivities...and so we could parade around a little more.

Serious props to Cardy, my tried and true Star Wars lover, who took this project to the next level. He put some serious work into this costume and it definitely didn't go unnoticed.


  1. holy crap. that is AMAZING! how fun!

  2. Way to go Cardy!! Thats awesome! True star wars dedication :) Love the witches night out...great idea, I think I might throw Ella a witching hour party next year with her lil friends. really cute idea!!

  3. I love it! I love Halloween!! Yes!!!


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