"Shampoo is better- I go on first and clean the hair..."

Do you want to know the most amazing hair product ever? Dry Shampoo! It's the absolute best and a huge life saver.  I don't typically advertise what I'm about to say and I'm only saying it because I love my dry shampoo so much but with this amazing little invention I've been washing my hair only once (maybe twice a week).

The best brand I've found is called Batiste. I buy it at Got Beauty in Salt Lake but I've heard it can be found at Sally's. It's about $10 a bottle but totally worth it. My hair tends to get a little greasy, my bangs especially and around my hair line. I used to wash my hair every other day and then a few years back I started using a little baby powder to help absorb some of the greasiness (what can I say, I'm lazy in the mornings). It helped and I was able to extend my hair washing another day or so but too much baby powder and my hair looked gray and ashy. I'm not sure who introduced me to dry shampoo but I'm sure thankful! The manager at Got Beauty recommended the Batiste brand above others they sell and said most of the stylists in the salon used it. It is definitely my favorite of the few I've tried. I used TIGI Rockaholic and the new dry shampoo by Tresseme. Both were fine but I think the Batiste still does the best job and it comes in a few different fragrances as well. My favorite is the Tropical but I want to try the new Diva scent.

I cannot tell you how much less stressful my mornings are with not having to wash, blow-dry and straighten my hair constantly. I know to some people it sounds gross but honestly- most people don't even know when it's been 4 or 5 days. Believe me, I have my hair issues and by the end of the week, I'm sporting a bun or a ponytail but at least I don't have greasy, smelly hair. Oh yeah, and to keep my hair from getting wet in the shower, I just pull my hair up in a bun and cover my head with a shower cap.

If you're a wash your hair everyday or even every other day kinda girl, think about trying a dry shampoo, I promise, it's worth it!


  1. Somehow I didn't realize it was only $10/bottle! Definitely picking some up soon.

  2. Some can be pretty expensive. I know Bumble & Bumble has one for $35-no thank you! Tresseme is okay for $4 but I say do it right and spend the $10- it'll last you a couple months and it's definitely worth it!

  3. This is my favorite stuff ever!!! It has saved me many a time!!

  4. Wow...I've always wanted to try it but could never find it (although I never looked too hard). I am a wash daily kind of girl which really screws me when I am camping and it's all greasy! Thanks Jenn for the advertising!

  5. I loooooove dry shampoo!! I haven't tried Baptiste, but I will for sure now!! Thanks for the tip!

    And, sssssssssh! I only wash my hair about twice a week, too!! :-)


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