Off site business meeting

Wednesday afternoon conversation with my manager (& friend)-
Me: "Marth, what's your schedule like tomorrow?"
Martha: "Ummmm, pretty open. I might have a meeting but I'm not sure if it's tomorrow or Friday. Why? What do you have going on?"
Me: "Nothing, wanna go skiing? It's supposed to be beautiful."
Martha: "I'll schedule the meeting for Friday."

I didn't have to twist her arm at all!
Empty parking lot in the morning, nobody on the chair lifts, and slopes all to ourselves (mostly). Solitude is right!

Sunny and beautiful all day- couldn't have asked for a better Thursday away from the office.

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  1. It looks so gorgeous! We still need to try to make it out before the season ends! I say that every year and then April... or whenever the end of the season is, shows up before I realize it. What a perfect way to blow off a little work for the afternoon!


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