Very Pintersting

My husband asks me everyday if I've seen anything "pinteresting". He thinks it's so funny. Pinterest. It's my latest obsession- actually...I think it's every girls latest obsession. It's a virtual dream for anyone who loves to craft, cook, decorate and dress up. I find myself getting sucked in- oohhing & aahhing over peoples abilities to create and hoping I can recreate the same for me.

I've tried several of the recipes I've found on Pinterest and I've used a bunch of the organizing and cleaning tips I've seen. I have hundreds of home decorating ideas pinned and lots of sewing and crafting projects I'm dying to try. Here are a few I hope to be trying out real soon:

Chevron wall- I've been dying to paint an accent wall in our house since the day we moved in. I go back and forth between colors but I can never seem to choose. Then I came across the recent trend of the patterned chevron wall. I like the subtleness of the tones and I think the pattern adds and element of fun to the room.
*inspiration from www.sabbespot.blogspot.com

Pom pom & lantern decoration- I hope to recreate this next Saturday for a baby shower I'm throwing for my friend, Julieanne. She's having a boy so I will  be using blue, white and pops of green and orange.
*inspiration from www.perfectlyimperfectblog.com

Hooks on reclaimed wood- I want make this for our bedroom. Between Cardy and I we have a million hats. Okay, not a million, but a bunch. This particular set of hooks is from Anthropology- it's a fortune (for hooks anyway) and oddly enough it doesn't come with any hardware. Weird. Cardy has skills and I'm sure between the two of us we could easy come up with an Anthro knock-off (plus who doesn't love reclaimed wood?).

These three are just the beginning- I have many, many pinteresting creations to try. I will definitely post any projects I attempt- I'm super excited! Thanks Pinterest for providing such a great place of inspiration!

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