1st Anniversary

Cardy and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on Monday. I was feeling reminiscent all week thinking of all of the details of our wedding day, even getting teary eyed a time or two. I truly remember every minute leading up to our ceremony. I loved planning our wedding and all of the hard work we put into it definitely paid off. This has been quite a year for the both of us, one we will never forget. We have known each other for so long that it seems strange and almost unreal that the first year of our marriage has brought us even closer together. Cardy is such a part of me and I am truly blessed to be married to such an incredible person.

On Monday, when I got home from work Cardy had left a trail of rose petals from my parking spot in the garage, up the stairs & into the kitchen where there were a dozen red roses on the table. The rose petals then led from the kitchen all the way into our bedroom. His card and gift were on the bed. Later that night we had reservations to have dinner at the New Yorker downtown. We had a great night!


  1. Happy Anniversey!! I can't belive Cardy did all that! What a good hubby! Did he get any help?? He is so cute! Glad to hear it was great!

  2. Happy Anniversary! How beauitful are those wedding pics? WoW!!!!!!!! Congrats!

  3. i hope you 2 have a super great day together . . . sounds like you did!! i hope that Cardy liked his gift from you too!! congratulations!!!

  4. Sorry.. a little late! Happy anniversary sister! I just love you two! Congratulations on a wonderful first year! Many more to follow...


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