Lazy Monday

Okay, this has been the laziest day I have had in a long time! It was raining this morning when I woke up and I figured that since I didn't have to work, what better thing to do than curl up in my bed and lounge. I spent most of my morning in bed watching movies, reruns of 90210, and a marathon of Meet the Kardashians (I secretly want to be a Kardashian sister!). The only other thing I've done besides watch TV is update this blog. The funny thing is that I'm not feeling guilty about this because:

-my house is clean
-my laundry is done
-I didn't have any plans or priorities today
-it's a holiday
-lastly & most importantly, my husband said I could, because I deserve it! (He's at work of course).

A little update: Cardy is still working to finish his game. Last week was the worst, he worked well into the morning for 3 days in a row. He did get to spend the weekend at home with the exception of a couple hours in the office on Sunday. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully he will be totally & completely done by this weekend. A girl can only hope!


  1. I'm so jealous -- it sounds like you had the perfect day! Then again, I have a tornado for a son, my house is never clean.

    Here's hoping your husband finishes his game soon so you can get him back!

  2. that sounds like my kind of day. i am jealous!

  3. You deserve it! And, I think you're WAY cuter than a Kardashian! Tell them they've got nothing on you! Thanks again for your nice posts on my blog! It means SO much!

  4. The only way that day gets better is if for some unknown reason the football gods gave you an extra days worth of football to watch.

  5. For the Top Seller of Pottery Barn I think a lazy day is well deserved. Loved reading up on the blog. Glad to hear the EHS reunion was such a success. I can't wait until we have ours. I would love to see what everyone is up to. It looked like a fun party. So fun to see old friends.

  6. So I'm laughing cuz' I have always said I wanted to be a Kardasien sister to Dan every time I watch that show. They are so fun! Or at least have three girls so they can be fun sisters. I love, love, love, lazy days like that. When everything is done and not a care in the world! But these days my clean house lasts all of 20 min. with our lil' tazmainian devil around!

  7. I really just want to be Kim Kardashian! I love to watch their show, Cardy just rolls his eyes at me but what can I say? They're freakin' hilarious.


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