You're goin' down!

It's that time of year...FOOTBALL SEASON! This is serious business in our household. Not only do we spend our Sunday's glued to our couch watching and analyzing every Denver Bronco's game throughout the entire season but for the last three years Cardy and I have played on a Fantasy Football league (or two, or three). For the past two seasons we have had our own league and Cardy is our league manager. We run a draft and have all of the team players over to our house for a draft party.
Basically it works like this: There are 10 teams in the league. Each team "drafts" actual players from the NFL according to position (so...QB, running backs, wide receivers, kickers, etc), then every week depending on how each player performs in real life (touchdowns, yardage, etc) your fantasy team earns points. Each week teams are matched up against others in the league and if your team scores the most points...you win!
So now, not only are we keeping track of the Broncos in our household, we are obsessed with scores and stats belonging to other teams and their star players.
Cardy sporting his fave new jersey!

Half of our group. I told you, this draft is serious business.

Marcus & Justin strategizing their next pick

My oh so beautiful draft board! This is how we keep track of everyone's team

This year I'm in two leagues: 1) an almost all girls league with some of my fellow "football loving girlfriends" & 2) Cardy's league, where I'm the only girl (they don't mind, I know what I'm doing!). I know it sounds crazy and for those of you who don't know much about football, this is probably total nonsense. It's weird, but I've truly come to love this sport and it's something my husband and I enjoy doing together. I love that I know about the sport and I can certainly hold my own with "the guys" when they're talking football.


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  1. I send my condolences out to Cardy and the Spooky Burgers. The season appeared to have such promise until Brady's knee got Carson Palmer'd. Hey, Cassel is still available though.


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