Made With Love ♥

I have one more Halloween treasure to share before I move on to any other posts. This Halloween, my Aunt Ruth made me the cutest quilt ever! It's a Halloween quilt, and it has the most adorable witches you've ever seen. The quilting is all spider webs (I hope you can tell from the pictures) and the colors are perfect. It's such an amazing piece and the craftsmanship behind it is unimaginable. My Aunt is extremely talented and amazingly generous. I am so lucky to receive such kind of gifts from her, made with such love. Thanks Aunt Ruthie, I love you!!!


  1. ok, that is beautiful, i love the web quilting, how cool!! that really is such a treasure!

  2. Oh my gosh. I just realized I said the quilting is cobwebs. I'm so out of it. You can tell I blog way too late at night. They're spider webs...spider, not cob.

  3. I'm glad you finally posted this. Too cute!


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