Twinkle Twinkle Little House

let there be light!
When Cardy and I were building our townhouse last year, one of items we chose not to upgrade was the lighting. It seemed pretty expensive and I wanted to put our money else where. We did however wire our kitchen for pendants and our bedrooms for ceiling fans. Hallelujah! Yesterday we installed all of our new lighting. We installed a chandelier for our dining area, pendants over the island, a ceiling fan in our bedroom & the computer room. I couldn't be happier. Our kitchen is so much brighter and I think the lighting completes the room (except for the window coverings, which will be my next & last item for the kitchen).

Funny, the things that make you happy when you own a house.


  1. I love the final details of a house. It's what makes it feel so homey. I love all your lighting choices!! Your kicthen looks wonderful. I miss the days of buying new cool stuff for our house. :( Have so much fun and get some great window coverings for me! :)I wish I could go shopping with you for home stuff, one of my favorite things.

  2. It looks great. Your mom was telling me all about the lights before you had them installed.

  3. I get excited just thinking about the time when we will get to buy a chandelier for our new little house and window coverings....don't get me started. We actually just ordered window coverings (we were using the beer stained drapes that were left behind. I know...you stay classy Petersen's. Needless to say we are thrilled to be putting up our nice clean roman shades. I couldn't be happier. The kitchen looks great!


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