If you get queasy at the site of blood - Don't look below!
Here's a little practical joke I played on Cardy.
We are constantly teasing and playing jokes - mostly at my expense. I've come home to witch masks hanging from the garage door, fake rats on the hood of my car, etc, etc. Well, last week I made some sugar cookies for Easter. As I was dying the frosting to make a nice pink color, a drop of red food coloring landed on my counter. I quickly wiped it up using my finger and I realized how much it looked like fresh blood. Of course, my first thought was to wash it off before it stained my hands but then I realized I could use it to my advantage.

I put another droplet on my finger and ran up the stairs shouting to Cardy I had cut my finger ::wink, wink:: I was holding on to my hand as I entered the room and put on my best terrified face. He took one look at the "blood" and jumped up. I have never seem him jump up so fast in my life! He was generally very concerned and immediately wanted to know how and what knife I was using. I couldn't contain myself! I just started laughing...he didn't think it was so funny.

I'm already dreading the retaliation!

{Disclaimer: Not real blood}


  1. That's awesome. It sure does look like real blood. Go Jenn!

  2. I love it! You guys have always had such a blast together. My favorite thing to do to JR is throw freezing water on him in the shower. But, look out, what if he decides to add food coloring to your shampoo or something!? Scary thought-


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