Muy Bueno

Our friend, Kelly, has started a website where he writes reviews for taco stands around the Salt Lake valley. He uses a 5 star rating system and generally gives a great written review describing his order and the best menu items.

If you've ever thought about venturing out for a street taco...and I highly recommend it, check out Kelly's website for the best vendors around town. I know some might be scared off by these carts - not to worry- they are closely monitored by the state health department just like any other restaurant (if not more so) and are delicious and cheap too!

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  1. So, granted I'm in the coffee capital of the world; but I really really could go for a great street vendor taco right now.

    A plate of three carnita taco's with just the right amount of fixings is the right way to end the day. You can get a great coffee here; but not a great taco.


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