Miss Zoe

We're pretty much obsessed with this little one. She has stolen our hearts.

Poor thing had to have surgery a couple weeks ago. We had her spayed at the Salt Lake Spay & Neuter clinic - which I HIGHLY recommend. They were so nice when I called with my list of questions (thanks to all of Cardy's research) and they were especially nice to Zoe on the day of her appointment. I'm not sure who was more nervous for this surgery, Cardy or Zoe.

(Zoe waiting to be taken back. Poor thing has no idea what she's in for.)

(Zoe a few days after surgery. If you look closely at her belly, you will see her incision.)

We had to keep Zoe on lock down for a little over a week so she could fully recover & she was going stir crazy. Zoe is used playing with friends and going on longs walks daily. Our fish bowl of a house turned to Fort Knox with the shades drawn, paper taped up in the exposed windows and a cover over our doorbell. Without this, Zoe was sure to see her friends outside playing without her.

Thank goodness Zoe has made a full recovery and she is back to her old self.


  1. My goodness, that Zoe is a cutie! Glad she recovered from her surgery!

  2. A beaultiful dog, congratulations!
    And get well soon!


  3. She is so cute! Hope she gets well soon, and is out and about again.

    I am thinking about getting my Chloe spayed... not sure if I'm going to breed her again. So i will keep that clinic in mind!


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