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Okay, okay. So I get it...most girls don't love football. And most girls loathe the thought of losing their husbands (or boyfriends) from August to February, spending weekend after weekend watching countless games. College games, NFL games, Monday Night Football - it all seems never ending.  But I say, "if you can't beat 'em, JOIN 'EM!"

My husband is a crazy mad man when it comes to football. He's practically Rain Man when it comes to football statistics. Our friends and family won't even call the house when they know the Bronco's game is on (apparently it's bad luck). Back in the day, I used to take Sunday afternoons as an opportunity to catch up on my sleep. Cardy would be glued to the TV and I'd be zonked out next to him on the couch. He'd always beg me to stay awake to watch the Broncos and just to appease him, because I love him, I would do my best. Slowly and surly I started to familiarize myself with the players and specifics about our team and after a while I got quite good. Cardy knows a heck of a lot about the game (Rain Man, remember) and he was always willing to stop and explain the details.

I began to really like our Sunday afternoon rituals. So much so, I joined a Fantasy Football league. It was an all girls team and it really helped me understand more about the NFL. I had to know key positions and players, scoring, schedules, etc. After playing in this league, I not only had a better understanding of football, I was actually starting to love football. I can carry on actual, intelligent conversations with my male peers and my husband is thrilled with my new hobby.

Fantasy football is pretty much a national phenomenon and is the current obsession in my household. I play in a league with all boys. Cardy is our league commissioner and we hold live drafts before the season begins. Did I mention this is an obsession? It's pretty dorky but it's something we enjoy doing together.

Here's a picture of everyone in our league (minus Shane who lives in Texas).

This was Zoe's first draft. She's a football freak too.

My beautiful draft board. I create this board every year so we can know our order, who's been picked, what the trends are (it's color coded, of course).

This year, I picked #1. We draw numbers out of hat just to be fair. The #1 pick is the most anticipated pick in the draft. I chose Chris Johnson, a running back for the Tennessee Titans. CJ2K as we call him.

Here's our family pic (too bad it's a bit blurry). As you can see, we're true to our team. Zoe didn't have a choice, she's a Bronco's fan by default.

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  1. You guys crack me up! If Steve were an avid football fan maybe I would actually learn something. But it's a hit and miss on watching games. Miss you guys!


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