Missing Him.....

I miss my honey. He has been working long hours to finish up his game. Poor thing works 12-14 hour days during the week and has been going in for 6-8 hours both Saturdays and Sundays. I know "crunch time" comes at the end of every game cycle but I'm always amazed at how much time is expected of these guys. Good Work Babe! Your game is going to be great...I can't wait.

Old Friends

My friend, Mercedes is home for the summer. She's been living in Paris, France for the last couple of years so we haven't seen each other for a long time. It's been really fun catching up with her and hearing about her glamorous life living abroad. Merced and I met in the 3rd grade and she was one of my best friends growing up. I'll be sad to see her leave next month.

I took her see the Roots at the Gallivan Center a couple weeks ago. She was in shock. She said, "I thought Salt Lake always seemed so dull and boring." Not that night!


Lake Powell 2008

My family takes an annual trip to Lake Powell. We have been taking this trip since I was a kid and I look forward to it every summer. This year there were 7 boats and ~40 people. This trip is sacred and each year we leave with more friends and more hilarious stories than you can imagine. Our 1st motto is: "the more the merrier," but don't act a fool or you could very well find yourself "voted off the island." Our 2nd motto is: "what happens in Lake Powell, stays in Lake Powell," and for those of you who have been on the trip know why motto #2 is what it is!

Each year we stay in Page, AZ and each year we eat at our favorite restaurants. A new fave is Ken's Steak House. It's a great little place with a great little band. This year they invited my brother up on stage to play the guitar with them for a jam session. My brother followed along to their tune and played like a Rock Star. He was amazing and so fun to watch. I think our Lake Powell group was pretty amazed at how well he plays. I was such a proud sister that night!

New Blogger Alert

I have jumped on the band wagon. Blog stalking has become a recent hobby of mine and I like it so much I've decided to start my own. I'm excited to learn the in's and out's of blogging and so many of my friends are extremely creative when it comes to their blog's layout that I feel a little pressure to do the same. I'm going to start my blog with a few fun summer events.