I AM NOT A RUNNER. With that said, I am trying to be a runner. It's something that has never come naturally or easy to me. In fact, if you see me running you might think I'm going to need mouth to mouth resuscitation any minute. I struggle with my breathing, my stamina and endurance are pathetic, and I'm worn out easily. Not to mention, my face turns beet red and I sweat like a mad woman.

So why am I trying to become a runner, you ask? Because it drives me crazy that it's so difficult for me. It's something I've yet to defeat. I ask myself daily, how is that I can do most physical activity for long periods of time, yet I cannot run a mile? Why is it so hard for me? Last year I tried to run a 5K, which I entered and finished but I was not able to run the entire race. I had to stop and walk during the course. This did not satisfy my original goal. The funny thing is I "trained" for the 5k (training for a 5k sounds pathetic, I know). Several weeks into my training, I said to my husband, "I don't think I'm progressing. This isn't getting any easier."

Well needless to say, here I am...training again. I'm using the Couch to 5K program I found online. I used it last year, but this year I'm totally dedicated. I'm going to finish the SL5K if it kills me (and running the entire way). It has made me feel a little better to read of others running struggles on their blogs but this is a personal thing. This is a mental challenge I need to overcome before I can lay it to rest.


Valentine's Day weekend

This year for Valentine's Day, Cardy and I spent the whole day together. We slept in, made pancakes, did a few projects around the house, took a nap, grabbed a bite to eat at one of our favorite restaurants (Mi La Cai), and watched movies. It was great. I loved having the day to spend with him without having any specific place to be or anything to do. I made him promise we would be low key this year. No spending money on silly gifts, no fighting the crowds for dinner at a fancy restaurant...just us, in our house, together. There is no one I would rather spend my time with than my husband. He is truly the funniest person I have ever met and he keeps me smiling constantly.

Friday night we went out with friends to A Bar Named Sue. My cute friend, Alisa, is moving to Colorado Springs for a new job so we had a little going away party for her. Alisa is one of the funnest people I have met while working at Pottery Barn, I'm definitely going to miss her.


Happy Birthday, Mama

5 Reasons I have the BEST Mom:

1. She always puts everyone else's needs before her own

2. I can talk to her about anything and everything. Sometimes we talk 2 or 3 times a day and we never run out of things to talk about

3. She is always there for me and always seems to know what to say when I need her

4. She is my favorite shopping partner. We always have fun together

5. She works hard at everything she does whether it's school, her job, her house, or her garden. I am proud of everything she does

She is a great mom, a special friend, a confidant, and a mentor
Happy Birthday, Mom!