My plan is to paint this accent wall this weekend or next. I've been wanting to do it for some time now but just haven't gotten around to it. I've been debating back & forth on colors, mulling over fandecks, paint samples and home decor magazines relentlessly.
Lucky for me- my dad owns a paint manufacturing business so getting the paint is not big deal, it's deciding on a freakin' color. We're having a difference of opinion in my house because I'm in love with green and my vote is the chartreuse. Cardy thinks we already have too much green in our house and votes for an orange shade(think autumn, pumpkiny, carrot cakey in a desert sort of orange shade). He wants something that "pops" and I say what pops more than bright green???? (The gold mine is still a little too orange for me, I've found a few others that are a little darker and a little more muted.)
What do you think?


Mile High, Here We Come

They're here! They arrived in the mail this week & I'm sooo excited!
6 tickets the Denver Broncos Game #4 at Mile High Stadium.


Devon & Caroline, Rob & Jessica, and Cardy & I are all going. I can't wait!!! I love football but more importantly...I love the Broncos.


"Would you like to try our newest men's fragrance?"

Yep. I'm that girl.

This is job # 3 of 3. Crazy you say? I'm starting to think so.

I've always been the type of person who likes to stay busy. Back in college I went to school full time, worked part time at the hospital, and had lots of little side jobs - not to mention, I volunteered once a week too. I'm no stranger to the "full plate."

I've kept my full time job in research (job #1) because I love it and it's what I've made my career out of (did I just say career???) and of course I could never give up my job at Pottery Barn (job #2), it's just too much fun and my discount is so unbelievably addicting! So along comes fragrance (job #3). My friend, Jasna, from the University is a sales rep for a couple different fragrance lines and I've helped her out in the past during department store events (in which I was paid in tester size bottles of perfume). Last month, Jasna approached me and asked if I would like to become a rep for the Givenchy line. My response was "ummm, thanks but no thanks" but then she enticed me with few but very flexible hours and surprisingly great pay. My mind was telling me "don't do it" & "how are you going to juggle all this" as my mouth was telling her "sounds like fun!"

This is my third week and so far so good. It has been a juggling act and Cardy is none to happy with me. Ultimately he would like me to work only one job but if I must fill every slot of the day working, he'd prefer it only be with two. I'm glad to have a husband who enjoys having me around as much as possible.

Currently I'm at the fragrance counter at the Macy's in Valley Fair Mall so if you're ever in the area (because I know so many of you can't wait to hit up the amazing shopping at VFM ::wink, wink::), stop by and see if I'm hanging out.

My first day.


Busy, busy, busy

Hi All.
I hate that I haven't posted anything lately. This has been a busy summer and time seems to get away from me, especially at night which is when I typically blog. Here's what we've been up to lately - I'll explain more in detail in a few posts to come:
- New job. No, I didn't switch careers, I just added another job to the other two I currently have. Crazy? Probably.

-Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys - Tickets are on their way. Mile High, here we come!

- NY FunkExchange, Feel Good Patrol and Erin Barra concert @ Urban Lounge

- Attending the Twilight Concert Series, Farmer's Market, Art's Festivals and other summer time activities

-Farmtown. (dorky, I know) It's a total time suck but I'm addicted. Cardy is out of him mind in disbelief that I can be spending so much time playing "a video game." I like to call it a Facebook application.

-Cooking, cooking, and more cooking. New diets and lifestyle changes = new & healthy recipes.