Holiday Ramblings

Holy cow! I can't believe its been months since my last post. I'm always amazed at how quickly time passes me by. I'll give the short, short version of my holiday season:

-Thanksgiving came and went. I pretty much survived the month of November on anything pumpkin-chocolate chip. I did lots of cooking and I took my very first cooking class with my friend, Carlee. We made roasted cornish game hens and a curried butternut soup. I immediately decided it's imperative to own an immersion blender for soups galore. Cardy and I also continued our tradition of roasting our own turkey, stuffed with our delicious home made dressing, a blend of both our mom's recipes.

-Christmas was wonderful, as usual. December is always a busy month- working, shopping, decorating, wrapping, Christmas parties, etc. Cardy took note this year and I received my beloved immersion blender.

- We spent New Years Eve with our closest friends, Devon & Caroline. We had a fabulous dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

Check out these ballers. They both won their fantasy football leagues. Champagne was in order.

  - I had my first Sundance Film Festival experience. Cardy and Devon were dying to see Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie. Me? Not so much. But...being the awesome wife that I am, I signed Cardy and I up for ticket time slots (a benefit for locals) to be sure we scored some tickets.

Devon, Caroline, Cardy and I braved the snow to catch the first Salt Lake showing at the Tower Theater. The movie was pretty much what I expected- I'll leave it at that- but we had a really fun night.
Caroline and I being good sports before the movie