Twinkle Twinkle Little House

let there be light!
When Cardy and I were building our townhouse last year, one of items we chose not to upgrade was the lighting. It seemed pretty expensive and I wanted to put our money else where. We did however wire our kitchen for pendants and our bedrooms for ceiling fans. Hallelujah! Yesterday we installed all of our new lighting. We installed a chandelier for our dining area, pendants over the island, a ceiling fan in our bedroom & the computer room. I couldn't be happier. Our kitchen is so much brighter and I think the lighting completes the room (except for the window coverings, which will be my next & last item for the kitchen).

Funny, the things that make you happy when you own a house.


Sweet Victory #2

Utah 13 - TCU 10Thanks Ash for inviting me to one of the most exciting games of the season. Love ya! GO UTES!!!

Sweet Victory = Sweet Treats

For Marcus' Election Night Party I thought I would put together a fun little treat to help celebrate the evening. I must admit, I didn't come up with the idea all on my own, I had a little help from a cute food blog, even so, they turned out great and I they were a fun addition to the party. Recipe:
1 dash of love
1 hint of freedom
1 pinch of hope
A whole lotta change

Mix together. Wah-la, Obama cookies! A sweet treat for a sweet victory!


Don't forget....

Vote Today
(it's kind of a big deal)


Made With Love ♥

I have one more Halloween treasure to share before I move on to any other posts. This Halloween, my Aunt Ruth made me the cutest quilt ever! It's a Halloween quilt, and it has the most adorable witches you've ever seen. The quilting is all spider webs (I hope you can tell from the pictures) and the colors are perfect. It's such an amazing piece and the craftsmanship behind it is unimaginable. My Aunt is extremely talented and amazingly generous. I am so lucky to receive such kind of gifts from her, made with such love. Thanks Aunt Ruthie, I love you!!!


HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!

One of my favorite things to do at Halloween (besides eat all the candy) is carve pumpkins. I am very methodical when it comes to picking out my pumpkin. It has to be the perfect color and shape, either perfectly round or tall and skinny, it has to sit right (no tipping), and last but not least, it must have a good stem (curly q's are a plus).

This year Ashley and the kids met at my mom & dad's for pizza and pumpkin carving. I did most of the gutting...I'm weird, but I love this part. The kids drew faces and Ashley and Cardy helped them cut 'em out. Hailey's pumpkin had to have been 40 lbs. My dad measured the inside and it was 3 inches thick, not an easy task! Sam wanted a mouse cut into his so we put Cardy's creative skills to the test.

Our Jack O Lanterns turned out super cute. Between all of us, we carved 6 pumpkins. After carving we put them on the front porch and lit them. Ta-da! Well Carved!

The next day, Cardy and I took our nieces, Chile & Sage to pick out a couple pumpkins. Once again, I did most of the gutting while the girls debated on what kinds of faces to carve. Chile went with a two faced theme and Sage decided on a happier Jack. Cardy always likes scary faces!

Halloween just wouldn't be the same without some good ol' Jack O Lanterns to set the mood!