Voice Talent...Confirmed.

We found it! My game. Invasion Earth.
A few years back Cardy was working for Sensory Sweep and they made a game for an arcade system. I was hanging around "the Sweep" one night while Cardy was working late and it just so happened they needed some voice work for the video game and they were looking for a female. Being the industry it is & the size of Sensory Sweep at the time - there weren't many females around so I offered up my talents ::wink, wink::

It was a lot of fun. I went into the sound office and they gave me a few lines to say. I was the computer voice for the ship whose job is to save the Earth from enemy ships and asteroids. My lines included:
"Enemy ship approaching"
"Warning (pause), warning (pause), warning"

I used my most professional sounding voice - careful to enunciate. It worked out and with a little computer magic, my voice was incorporated. This little job has gotten me into the E3 convention a few years in a row. My badge reads: Jennifer Swan, Voice Talent, Sensory Sweep.

We've seen the game in the video arcade in one of the local movie theaters but to our surprise, it can also be found in the arcade in the Peppermill Casino in Reno, Nevada. Of course we had to play!