Back in August...

late post...oh well. One of the benefits we've enjoyed since having our wedding at Red Butte is that it came with a membership to the gardens and all things associated. This was perfect come concert time, as members we were given priority to purchase tickets. Red Butte always has great musicians lined up for their summer series and it's one of the best venues in town. What could be better than a quaint venue nestled right up against the mountains? Plus the big bonus is being able to bring in your own food and drinks (yes, this includes beer & wine!)

In August we saw both Bonnie Raitt & Al Green. I have loved Bonnie Raitt since I was a kid and was so excited to finally see her in concert...what a treat! Al Green was hysterical. Women were throwing themselves at him, jumping up on stage and begging for a kiss. He had a full crew of security just to battle the craziness. He was as smooth as I expected, not bad for an old guy.
Oh yeah...and the best part about the Al Green concert...Cardy came! He is finally working normal hours. Game Over!

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