To Be or Not To Be?

Cute Cardy checked on our compatibility as mates based on our astrological signs. He's a Taurus & I'm a Pisces. Now I don't know much about astrology but what I do know is that for as long as Cardy and I have been together, if we're not compatible at this point in our relationship then we're in trouble. just kidding. Cardy and I are very different in many ways, there's not denying that, but I think our differences compliment each other and balance us out. No matter what our astrology or our horoscopes may say, I know we were meant to be together.
Here's what Cardy found...
Taurus vs. Pisces
They get along perfectly! The poetic, sensitive Fish seeks ways to make the Taurean happy, in exchange for the tenderness and security he needs. They enjoy going out together as well as the intimacy of their home. Their physical love is alchemical, spiritual, and intense. The Bull's practical side helps the Pisces to accomplish the projects bubbling up in his or her imagination; a quality which the stolid Taurus needs to lighten his sometimes monotonous life. The outlook for love is promising.
Looks like we're a match!


  1. I'm a pisces too! I haven't met a pices I didn't like!:) I want to take this test for Dan and I. What is the website??

  2. It was through msn astrology, love matches. Pisces Rule!

  3. Of course! You guys have always been perfect for each other!


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