Fun Additions

I love decorating my house but it's funny how long it takes me to get around to doing things, especially when it comes to hanging pictures on our walls. We finally hung these shelves in our computer room- I bought them over a year ago. I even had all the frames and most of the pictures ready to roll. Of course, Cardy, who thinks I don't let him have any say in our house, chose a few of the interesting (to say the least) inserts.

Cardy is my professional hanger (is that a title?). He is so precise when it comes to measuring and making sure everything is straight and in place before he makes any holes in our walls. I guess this comes from having an amazing carpenter for a father. He did a great job and I'm in love with the final product!

Here's what Zoe was doing while were working

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  1. I love how well the frames and shelves tie your office together - I don't think the prints could be a better mesh of you and Cardy! I especially like the "moar!" and ampersand :)


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