Las Vegas

Earlier this summer, I attended a conference in Las Vegas. Of course, I could not leave on this trip without my hubby who absolutely LOVES Las Vegas. He loves the excitement, he loves to gamble, he loves the night life and his best childhood friend lives there. Vegas is always a nice quick get-a-way for the two of us and really, I love it as much as he does. On this particular trip I was most excited about our hotel. Typically when I travel for work I stay in pretty nice hotels but I was super stunned when I found out we would be staying at the Mandarin Oriental in the brand new City Center on the Strip. When I first received my itinerary I hadn't even heard of this hotel so of course, I Googled it. Wow! I could not wait to get to Vegas! Then of course, I checked out the rates. They were well over what I would ever, ever pay for a hotel. Think Bellagio...but more.

My expectations were met. First class service during our entire stay and one of the nicest hotel rooms I think I'll ever sleep in. Just to give you an idea - Bulgari toiletries and a TV (inlaid in the mirror) in our bathroom. Everything in our room from the curtains to the lights were on a touch screen remote. Turn down service every night including rose petals for our tub. Cardy made me call the front desk to make sure we weren't going to be charged for the water bottles left on our night stands. Nope, free!

The biggest let down of our trip - I remembered the camera, I just forgot to charge the battery! The pictures I did take were taken on my phone or found on google.

The other fun part of our trip was meeting up with our friend, Joseph. He hooked us up and got us into LAX, a dance club in the Luxor. We were treated to bottle service which includes a table and a private bartender all night. I had to laugh, I was not prepared to go clubbing in Vegas. I had an Ann Taylor loft dress and some heels which made me feel like a good Mormon girl dressed for Sunday school compared to most the girls there. I'll know better next time. I'm not so sure staying out til 3 in the morning was the best idea when I had 8:00am meetings the following morning - but totally worth it. It was a short trip but totally worth it!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I understand the Mormon feeling when I go out sometimes. I am just imagining the dance club with all the barely dressed girls! Glad you had fun!

  2. Sounds so fun! We ought to make a trip out there soon-ish - it's been almost two years since I've been! Last time Devon and I stayed at the Flamingo they had the fancy bathroom tv-in-the-mirror setup - the future is now! As you can guess, Devon's determined to make that a feature in our dream home.
    Vacations are the best!


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