Shakespeare & Rednecks

Back in July, Ashley and I drove down to Cedar City to the Shakespearean Festival. Ashley's sister, Jenny, was performing in Great Expectations. I was so excited when Ashley invited me. I had never been to the Shakespearean Festival and I had only driven past Cedar City on long road trips.

We had so much fun. Ashley and I never have lulls in our conversation, not even on 7 hour long car rides (round trip). Two lattes, road treats, good music, and lots to talk about - these are the moments I love to spend with my BFF. Our ride was smooth and we made it there in good time. My mom was so worried I was going to fall asleep at the wheel. She was just certain the two of us wouldn't be able to stay awake that early in the morning. Even at 30, mom's don't stop worrying!

I really liked Great Expectations. It was so much fun to watch Jenny perform. She has an amazing voice and great stage presence. I always love it when I know the performers, it makes the whole experience that much more fun.

Cedar City is a really cute town. We had a little time to stop for lunch and walk around on Main Street before the show. Ashley and I explored some of the shops and even visited the Redneck Thrift Store which was pretty much comparable to a yard sale in a building. At least we got a good laugh. I loved the whole atmosphere of the town. The mountains, the campus and the quiet streets. I hope I get a chance to go back...more Shakespeare, please.

Jenny, Me, Ashley

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  1. I love the shakespeare festival and cedar city! My sister did her under grad there and I went to the festival every year. fun little trip!


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