Carbonation - Not for me anymore.

Yep, I gave up carbonation. No more fizzy sodas, throat burning sensations, or icy cold brews (not that I drink that much beer, ask my husband!). Actually, I came up with the idea of giving up carbonation after talking with my nieces and discussing what they were giving up for Lent. They each gave up their favorite food: Chile gave up bacon & Sage gave up hot cocoa (both staples in their diets). As of last week, I hadn't decided what I was going to forgo...in fact, I hadn't given it much thought at all. I even contemplated not giving up anything. As my week went on and the more I thought about it, the guiltier I got. I figure if my nieces can give up their most favorite food for 40 days, I certainly can come up with something. CARBONATION.

I wouldn't say I'm a total soda addict but I do drink my fair share during the week (especially if we go out to eat). It's probably one of a few things in my diet I can stand to cut back and who knows, it might make a difference in my 5K training (no bloated belly for me). Therefore, I'm cutting all carbonated drinks out of my diet for the next 38 days (I started a few days after Ash Wednesday, what can you do?).

So far, so good. We'll see what the rest of the month brings.

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  1. I could NEVER!!! Good for you though, I live off of Mountain Dew, I am almost certain I would die without it!


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