Training update

So it's week 4 of my training and I thought I would post an update. Here's what I've discovered so far:

-Running is still a challenge. At this point in the training, I'm still doing a walk/jog combination to increase my stamina
-Everyone on a treadmill at the gym appears to be running at great speeds with complete ease. Everyone except me that is. I'm still a beet red, sweaty mess.
-I do like the feeling I get once I'm done. My profuse sweating makes me feel like I've done a body good.
-I'm a little disappointed in how long it takes me to complete a mile. I'm slow but I don't wear out as quick if I keep a slower pace. Fast = tired. I had a chat with my self and this is not a race, it's a competition to complete my goal, slow is okay with me as long as I finish.
-Taking breaks while training your body to run longer distances is a no-no. This weekend I skied and did the elliptical for cardio. Tuesday was like stepping back in time a week.
-Talking and running...not easy. My cute friend, Alex is also my gym buddy. We keep each other motivated and we love to chit-chat the whole time. This is difficult for me while running.
-My goal this week is to work on my breathing and focus on finding a rhythm that works for me.


  1. Your rockin' it! I'm a little envious of all your training. I need to be better! I sooo hear ya on the talking/running thing. Who can do this??? I quess people who are in much better shape than me.

  2. I'd say you're pretty inspiring! I always stare in amazement when I see people in the gym or outdoors breathing with the lung capacity of a healthy 8 year old while running hard! I'm so jelous...you're well on your way!

  3. Hey Girl! So can you help ash out and post some pics for her?? :) its been FOREVER since she has posted she's a lil slacker! See ya next wk!


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