Party like it's your birthday!

My birthday was on Thursday, the 19th. I'm a firm believer in having your special day off, so I took the day off work to spend my whole day doing whatever I wanted. I had only a few things planned but having the day to myself sounded delightful! Here's what I did:

-slept in (for a Thursday, anyway)
-went to the spa for a little waxing
-worked out at the gym
-went grocery shopping (not typically something one might do on their birthday but I actually enjoy it and lucky me...I ran into my good friend, Katherine which is always fun!)
-met my mom & brother for lunch @ Red Butte
-went with my mom for pedicures
-cleaned my house
-had my family over for cake, ice cream & presents
-went with Cardy for pizza (my fave!)

I had such a great day!


  1. it was so so fun running into you!! love you jenn, glad your day was great!!

  2. Okay so the whole week of your birthday I was like, "don't forget to say Happy birthday to Jen" over and over. Since I'm hardly ever on facebook (my friendly reminder) I am wishing you the most happy birthday a little late. You card is in the mail. Hope it was freakin' fantastic! Love you!

  3. Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you had a great day. We need to get together with you guys! Dinner and movie or something.

  4. Sounds like it was a great day! I also believe in not working on my birthday. It is nice that I also get the day before my birthday off since it is a holiday.


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