I Can Hardly Contain Myself

So I found my new favorite store. I was in Los Angeles this weekend and had a few hours to kill before meetings. Lucky for me there was a shopping mall within walking distance from my hotel. My motto when I'm outta town is: I will not shop in a store I can shop at in Salt Lake. What's the point? I'm not going to tote Gap & Express bags around with me when I need precious hang strength for all the Crate & Barrel, Sephora, & H&M bags. Anyway, as I was walking across the street I noticed on the upper level of the mall was a store I had heard of a few times so I headed up the stairs to check it out. To my amazement and utter excitement I entered


Instantly I fell in love. Organization galore! They have boxes, hangers, tupperware, shelves, garbage cans, hampers, media storage, gift wrap, etc, etc. I'm talking Office Max meets Target - but better! This store has it all. What I loved most is all the creative storage supplies and fun little accessories you don't find in everyday stores. I bought the coolest container to take cold cereal to work. I has a bowl and a topper that not only holds milk but keeps it cold (and a portable, bendable spoon) - so neat! I no longer have to resort to oatmeal packets and stealing spoons from the cafeteria.

I didn't have much space to take a lot home but I called Cardy and made sure they have a website, sure enough, they do. Believe me...I will be ordering from home!


  1. Oh yes this place is a joy! We have one down the street from us and I always walk away thinking I need a container for EVERYTHING! You can spend hours in this place. Too bad you weren't in SD. I would have loved to meet you for lunch.

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  3. I have often heard of this so-called "container store" but thought it was just a wondrous myth. It sounds glorious!! And I too make it a point to hit up the stores we don't have here in the SLC - LOVE Sephora. Couldn't you just spend hours in there?? Have you been to Ulta in Sandy - it's like Sephora but has the cheaper brands, plus some of the more expensive stuff. Also pretty amazing. :) AND it's right next to the new Nordi Rack!!

  4. Its funny that you mention Kim Kardashian in your last post - one of those Kardashian ladies mentioned heading to the container store during the last episode I saw.

  5. I have always wanted to go to one...now the next time I venture out of SLC I will MAKE it to one. Thanks for the exciting post on THE CONTAINER STORE!!

  6. We had a store similar in Seattle called Storables. I could spend hours in there.


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