Street Fighter 4 Cardy

Ever since Street Fighter IV came out Cardy has been begging me to dress as one of the characters. Tonight when I was blogging he thought it would be perfect to fix my hair and take pictures...for the blog, of course. I tried to tell him that no one reading this blog (well, maybe 1 or 2) knows who Chun Li is.

Needless to say, here I am with my hair in two buns posing in fighting form for my husband. I think it looks like I have two marshmallows on my head, he thought it was fantastic.

I guess it only takes a little to make my husband happy. Love you babe, here they are.


  1. I love it! For some reason this reminds me of a picture I came across recently of you with a painted mime face when we were at the youth conference in the midwest. I'll post it on Facebook so you can relive the memory!

  2. Funny! I knew who it was only because of Cameron.

  3. Jenn; this is why you're awesome.


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